Five Songs I’ve Been Geeking On – April 22, 2014

Alright, let’s drop the “this week” from this Geeking On series. Now I won’t feel so much pressure to get something out every five days.  Anyway, here is what I’ve been geeking on, um, lately!

1. “It No. 3” by Nick Waterhouse – This one has gotten under my skin in a big and great way over the past couple of months. I’ve actually dreamed about it. In my dream, a younger me was hanging out on the deck of some beach house with a bunch of friends I didn’t recognize. We were lounging around on the deck and watching the sunset following a day of sand and surf. This song comes on, and I decide to get up and groove with the kind of carefree smoothness I didn’t even know I had until this dream. Soon, several others joined me, and Nick Waterhouse was providing the soundtrack to the greatest summer dance party ever.

For what it’s worth, the rest of this album is freaking great, too.

2. “Hurry Up Sundown” by Bruce Springsteen – So, in honor of National Record Store Day, Springsteen pulls together four songs he had lying around in the unused scrap heap of his latest album and assembles a delightful little vinyl ep called American Beauty. And, it serves as further evidence that Springsteen’s scraps are better than most artist’s “A” material.

The standout track is this ode to summer nights. It’s not lyrically complicated, but the sound is that of euphoric release from some oppression (in this case, the working day – a familiar foe of Springsteen’s characters). This will be on my heavy personal heavy rotation from now through the summer.

3. “Candy” by Wake Owl – I don’t even remember how I acquired this song or when I first heard it. But it’s been shuffling up on my Spring Mix lately and causing me to stop and get lost in its retro-soul groove, set to a modern, Black Keys kind of aesthetic. There is a play going on with the vocalists that, too me, seems to be about the search for meaning in love, while believing not to be capable of it.

4. “The Real Thing” by Jerrod Niemann – I’m not a big fan of contemporary country music. I have nothing against it, I just don’t find much of it to be compelling. I also feel that way about much of Jerrod Niemann’s new album. But “The Real Thing” stands out as a riveting exception. This bluesy, slow-burning piece of country soul is infectious. Put your player on repeat and let this seep into your soul for a while. I don’t think this has been released as a single yet, but it deserves to be a massive hit.

(I couldn’t find a video or stream for this song yet, which is surprising because Niemann’s album is currently a hit and this song is soooooo good. Worth checking out on iTunes)

5. “Let The Music Play” by The Drifters – I recently stumbled across this forgotten tune from 1964. Almost instantly I could tell it was a Burt Bacharach/Hal David composition. And The Drifters sing it beautifully. This is another one that will sound great all summer long, feeding my weird hunger for nostalgic and under appreciated oldies.



~ by themattmorrisshow on April 22, 2014.

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