Five songs I’ve Geeked on This Week – March 30, 2014

I’ve tried to do this in the past, but I could never get it going with a good weekly consistency. The basic idea is this – I listen to music almost constantly. And in a given week, there are at least five songs that I will be geeking-out on in some way, be it a new song that I am really digging, or an old song that I’ve rediscovered or am just now discovering for the first time. This is my way of sharing with you those songs that I am geeking-out on so that, hopefully, you can geek-out with me. Because geeking loves company, as I’m pretty sure the saying goes.

After you’ve checked out the five, let me know what your favorite is.  And let me know if you absolutely hated anything, also.  It won’t change my opinion, but I like to get to know my readers (all tens of them).

1.  “Settle Me Down” by The Men – This is a piece of well crafted, mid-tempo, lo-fi gold.  The vibe is nearly country, and it sounds like it should have been a rock and roll hit about 40 or 50 years ago. Yet, it’s as fresh as 2014. In fact, it should be a hit today!  But radio is all screwed up.  Takes up residence right in my garage pop sweet spot.

2.  “Seasons” by Future Islands – I like the new album by this band, but it can get real samey.  By far, this track is the highlight, and I can’t get its melancholy synth-pop groove out of my head.  Wrestling with change and growth will always get my attention, too.

3.  “Friday” by Joe Jackson – Rediscovered this gem from the early days of Joe Jackson’s catalog.  This is practically a blue-print for what Ben Folds would do on his early work.  35 years later, it still sounds great on a Friday afternoon (or any day, really).

4. “Prince Johnny” by St. Vincent – I have no idea what Annie Clark is singing about, here, but I love listening to her sing about it. I’m sure I could find out pretty easily, but wouldn’t that remove the delightful mystery of the lyric?  The brooding, pulsing beat is hypnotic. Especially when she sings “whoah-oh-whoah-oh-whoah”…oh, just listen to it.

5. “Wichita Lineman” by R.E.M. – The Jimmy Webb written song has long been one of my absolute favorites, but I just recently discovered this delightful live cover by Athens Georgia’s greatest local heroes (thanks to my friend, Phil).  That the song is so enchanting in this grungy and electric arrangement is a testament to how great and timeless it really is.


~ by themattmorrisshow on March 30, 2014.

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