Musical Advent Calendar 2013 – December 24

Happy Christmas Eve to you! Today and tonight, many of us will be attending church, singing classic hymns and carols, and celebrating the birth of our savior, Jesus. Which brings to mind a question:

Was Jesus born on the night of the 24th? Or the 25th?

We worship on Christmas Eve as though it were “the night that Christ was born”, yet we celebrate Christmas day as Jesus’ birthday. So which one is it? If my birthday is on a Tuesday, I don’t get people coming over and singing “Happy Birthday” on Monday night, only to return again on Tuesday for the birthday festivities?  It’s a head scratcher, certainly.

Okay, my tongue is obviously planted firmly in my cheek, here.  It takes about two minutes of theological study to understand that Jesus was likely born nowhere near December, but our celebration is a symbolic acknowledgement that Jesus was born, and history was changed forever because of that.

Today, I honor my wife with her favorite carol, and her favorite version of that carol.  Seven Day Jesus was  short-lived 90’s band who delivered strong alternative pop-rock led by the powerful vocals of Brian McSweeney.  While the band called it quits sooner than we would have preferred, they did manage to deliver a fantastic take on the classic Christmas carol, “O Holy Night”.

The song is a beautiful offering of praise for Jesus, the new-born Savior, on a night that was most certainly holy.  And the emotion in McSweeney’s voice is appropriately dramatic.  So, whether you celebrate on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or every day of the year – Merry Christmas to you!  Jesus is born!


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