Musical Advent Calendar 2013 – December 17

I’m going to keep things soulful today.

“Jingle Bells” is an unquestioned staple of the Christmas season. It also fits squarely in the category of “Holiday Songs That Aren’t Actually About The Holidays”. Yet, that sound of jingling bells, so synonymous with this holiday hit, has come to practically define the genre.  But while the song has been embraced in the musical catalog of Christmas, it is also a bit reviled, if only for its repetitive familiarity.  It’s difficult to pull off a cover of “Jingle Bells” that doesn’t instantly sound tired.  But it is possible.

This year, my family’s “Jingle Bells” of choice is a Bombay Dub Orchestra remix of an original recording by Jazz and Blues vocalist Joe Williams.  The reason this has become our “Jingle Bells” of choice is because the song was featured in the movie Iron Man 3, with Tony Stark shaking his money-maker while listening to it in his workshop (“Jarvis, drop the needle”}.  That was all it took for my older son to be convinced that this needed to be in heavy rotation on our holiday playlist.  And it is.

And today, it waits behind the doors of our musical advent calendar.  Let’s open it up!



~ by themattmorrisshow on December 17, 2013.

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