Musical Advent Calendar 2013 – December 16

It’s Monday, and I need a little soul!

Over the past twenty-five years, Bruce Springsteen’s cover of the blues holiday hit “Merry Christmas Baby” has become a staple on December playlists. But it was soul legend Otis Redding who provided the blue print for Springsteen’s now famous interpretation.

Redding was big star in the 1960’s.  If not for his unfortunate early demise, there is not telling how high his legend would have continued to soar.  He was a showman.  More rock & roll and R&B performers of today should go watch Redding’s live performances to see how it’s done.

In 1967, Redding put a soulful, pop twist to “Merry Christmas Baby”.  And today, it is the offering for day 16 of musical advent calendar.  Let’s open it up!


~ by themattmorrisshow on December 16, 2013.

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