Musical Advent Calendar 2013 – December 10

Oh, I’ve got a good one lined up for today’s musical advent offering. And it’s a two for one!

Chico, California is most widely known for two things;  having a university with a big-time party reputation, and being the home town of Green Bay Packer quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Then, way down in a distant third (I’d like to think), is the holiday cover band The Yule Logs.

I give full credit to my friend and longtime Chico resident Bill for turning me on to these guys a few years ago.  The Yule Logs have performed annual holiday shows in Chico for several years now.  Last year, they released a live album commemorating one of those shows.  But it’s the two studio albums of original and reinterpreted Christmas classics, all with a spirit of fun tasteful irreverence, that I would recommend you check out.

For today’s musical advent calendar, I present to you “El Senor Frosty”, which has become a favorite in our household during the holidays.  It combines a pair of Christmas classics that are, honestly, a bit tired, and gives them a fresh spin that I promise will make you want to come back and listen to it again.  And maybe again.  And then, just maybe, still again.

Let’s do this!  Fire up The Yule Logs, and have fun with “El Senor Frosty”!


~ by themattmorrisshow on December 10, 2013.

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