Musical Advent Calendar 2013 – December 8

I decided to keep the tropical, Hawaiian theme alive to finish off the weekend.  Today’s selection pairs nicely with yesterday’s “Mele Kalikimaka”, though I know nothing about the listed artist, Tewar.  But we all know the song, “Silent Night”.

On the spiritual side of the holiday music grab bag, an argument could be made for “Silent Night” as the top-dog in the Christmas music pack.  You almost can’t attend church in December without hearing “Silent Night” at some point.  It’s all there – baby Jesus, the virgin mother, the shepherds, the heavenly hosts – announcing the arrival our Savior!  The problem is, while it is a beautiful song, it can get a little – oh, how do I put this without hurting any feelings – tiresome.  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of Christmas songs that suffer from this problem, because they are so overplayed for the five weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  But “Silent Night” is definitely in heavy rotation on most holiday playlists.  And when most artists choose to include it on their holiday albums, they usually play it pretty straight, treating it with the kind of solemnity that I suppose the song deserves.  The problem is, even though there are hundreds of versions of the song to choose from, most of them sound pretty much the same, with only slight variation.

Last year, Joma Records released A Very Joma Christmas, featuring various indie artists performing a variety of new and standard holiday tunes.  Included on the collection is Tewar.  I have no idea who this is.  Or who they are.  But I know he/she/they delivered today’s selection for the musical advent calendar, “Silent Night (in Hanalei Bay)”.

Tewar manages to treat “Silent Night” with the reverence it requires, while infusing life into it with a Hawaiian-folk soundtrack.  Lovely.  It’s a beautiful song and I think you will like it, too.  Enjoy!


~ by themattmorrisshow on December 8, 2013.

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