Day Two. Sort Of.

It’s day two of my post-a-day-for-the-month-of-January goal in The Meeting! And as I sit down now to start writing on day two, it is actually 1:30am on day 3. But, as I stated yesterday (actually two days ago), I am extending myself grace on this quest. And in the name of grace, I am going to consider 1:30am on January 3rd to still be January 2nd. I haven’t gone to bed yet, so the day hasn’t ended. I’m pretty sure that’s a thing.

My biggest problem is that I’m not prepared to write something at this hour that won’t take longer than I’m willing to spend. I’ve got a couple of things that I want to put together, but it will probably take me a couple of hours to fully realize it. And right now I’m willing to put in about ten to fifteen solid minutes. Maybe less.

So, I will now share with you one of my favorite songs from the past year – Kimbra’s “Cameo Lover”. I’m sharing this song because it is also my favorite video from 2012. I’m not a big video guy these days. But this reminds me of something I would’ve watched over and over in the early days of MTV, when I was a video guy.  Kimbra has a knack for making videos that are deceptively simple while also being quite visually interesting.

So, I am now happy to present Kimbra. This is “Cameo Lover”.

By the way – my neighbors across the street had the house Christmas lights on again tonight.  I was so moved that I turned ours on again as well.  What the heck, I guess a couple of extra nights won’t kill us.  Let the joy linger…


~ by themattmorrisshow on January 3, 2013.

2 Responses to “Day Two. Sort Of.”

  1. Well, the Christmas season does go from Dec 25 to Jan 5 (these are the “Twelve Days of Christmas”). You just might live across the street from Christians. 😉

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