5 Songs (or maybe 10) I’ve Been Geeking On – October 10th, 2012

Where have I been? The entire summer has passed and I have posted nothing. I can only imagine what my tens of readers must be thinking.

I’ll save the broader details for future posts, but let’s just say it’s been a busy period of life on all fronts. As such, The Meeting has taken a reluctant back seat. The funny thing is, I find that I become energized when I share and write about the music in my life. So, the absence of this outlet probably made emotionally challenging stretches of these past few months that much more difficult. Oh, the irony.

But enough self psycho-analysis. That’s now why you came (it isn’t why you came, right?). I figure the easiest way for me to launch back into the Alternafolk, Surfsoul, Rock & Roll Revival Meeting is with another edition of Five Songs I’ve Been Geeking On – Where’d the Summer Go edition!

Essentially, this is a random list of five songs that have captured my attention of late and forced me to become borderline obsessed, and sometimes not borderline.  Since I’ve been gone all summer, I am going to double down on this edition and include some songs I’m listening to a lot right now, as well as some tunes that my family got sick of me listening to during the summer.  Okay?  Great!  Let’s do this!  (And don’t forget to click on the titles to link to the songs)

1.  “We Come Running” – Youngblood Hawke

This song kind of exploded into our consciousness this past summer.  It is absolutely familiar and still absolutely great.  It scoops me up and takes me soaring with its unavoidable sing-a-long “whoa-oh” chorus “We Come Running” shout outs.  The music builds, breaks, and crashes back in with such fist-pumping effectiveness that not even the most skeptical listener can avoid its feel goodness.

2.  “Only In My Dreams” – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

This is not a cover of the Debbie Gibson classic (although, that would be awesome!).  For the most part, I really don’t care for these guys.  I like what they are trying to do, I just don’t think they do it very well.  BUT…two years ago they released one of the best songs of 2010 with “Bright Lit Blue Skies”, and this summer they won me over again with this gem from their new album.

3. “Hideaway” – Passion Pit

I’m going to call my shot right now and say that Passion Pit’s new album, Gossamer, will end among my top five albums of 2012.  Maybe even top three.  It’s just so good, even better than their debut from two years ago.  These songs sound like they were pulled from a pit filled with passion!  But of all the great songs on this album, it’s “Hideaway” that keeps me coming back more than any other.  Anthemic like the Youngblood Hawke song above, but in a more personal way.

4.  “Sulla Frontiera (Remix)” –  Jovanotti

I don’t know anything about this guy or this song.  It’s in Italian, which I don’t speak.  Best as I can tell, the song is about dancing and revolution, not necessarily in that order.  I stumbled across this song early in the summer and have not been able to stop listening to it.  Put this on while you are driving the open road and you will reach your destination in no time.  It has so much conviction and energy, and it just sounds sexy.  Whatever Jovanotti is singing about, he seems very passionate about it.

5.  “Chained” – The xx

Mmm, moody.  There’s a lot of buzz around the new album from this duo.  Truth be told, I’m not yet sold on the album as a whole, but this song is GREAT.  I just want to embrace and cuddle with it (is this getting weird?  Okay, just listen).

YES!!!! (Sorry.  Game four of the Giants vs Reds NL playoff series came on while I was typing this and Angel Pagan led off the game with a Home Run for the Giants.  I got a little excited.  I’ll pause the game)

It’s been a while, so here are five more songs I’ve been geeking on:

1.  “Coming For You” – Von Grey

Like Jovanotti, I don’t know anything about Von Grey.  Unlike Jovanotti, I understand everything being sung.  Even with that advantage, I’m still not clear about what or who we’re running from here, though I appreciate the warning about slipping on the morning dew.  Regardless,  it sounds really good, in a soft country folk rock kind of way.

2.  “Apocalypse Dreams” – Tame Impala

Like Ariel Pink’s Haunted Grafitti, I don’t really care for this band’s albums. But also like Ariel Pink, there is usually one song on the album that I lock into.  And apparently, if your song is somehow tied to dreams, there’s a good chance that will be the one.  I heard this just last night and haven’t been able to stop listening to it.

3.  “50 Ways to Say Goodbye” – Train

I know, Train isn’t going to earn me any hipster points.  I guess it’s a good thing I’m not keeping hipster score.  Come on!  This is a great, infectious, hooky pop song in all the right ways.  Guy loves girl.  Girl dumps guy.  Guy can’t bear to admit he got dumped so he tells everyone he knows that she died, only he tells the story different every time.  Mix in some sweet mariachi horns that sound like they are playing the melody to spiritual classic “Hiding Place” during the bridge, and you’ve created something truly fun and delightful.

4.  “This Head I Hold” – Electric Guest

Great groove.  This one will have you dancing in your seat.  Certainly,  you’ll be tapping your toe.  You might even unknowingly start snapping your fingers.  At the very least,  you’ll be bobbing your head ever so slightly.  If you aren’t doing any of these things, you’re probably dead.  God rest your soul

5.  “Oh My Dayum” – The Gregory Brothers and Daym Drops

Seriously.  This isn’t a joke.  Well, actually it is a joke.  And it’s really funny.  But the greatness of this song is not a joke!    The Gregory Brothers are known mostly for their Auto-tune the News bits, which are hilarious.  Along the way, they’ve also auto-tuned popular viral videos to great effect.  But nothing they have done to date compares to the greatness of this piece.  Basically, a guy in Northeast scored a viral hit with his dashboard camera video blog review of Five Guys Burgers (which is quite tasty, I must say).  The Gregory Brothers got a hold of it, and the results are both funny and inspirational.  It’s an anthem!  It sounds a little goofy, but this song can pump me up!  I’ve sung this so much that my family has literally become angry when they hear it.  But let this wash over you and soon you too will be inspired while driving your family mad.


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