American Idol – Top Seven week in review

Again with the busy life stuff!

So here’s the deal: As I write this, the entire country, including Hawaii, has already seen who got the big drop this week. I, however, still have the results show on my DVR and am about to watch it. BUT…

Before I see how America reacted to Wednesday night’s show, I am going to quickly give you my thoughts, untainted by what has been communicated on the results show.  So, as you read the first part of this, try to forget that you already know what happens.  Or at least try to forget that I know.  It’ll be fun!

First thing’s first – This was a GREAT week on Idol.  The category was “Anything you want to sing as long as it is from the last two and half years”, or something like that.  And everyone was really good.  The contestants, the band, the judges (mostly – I’ll get to that in a minute), Jimmy, Akon, Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Hilfiger’s assistant, the caterers…it almost made ranking the performances impossible.  But, that’s what I’m not paid to do, so time to get to it.

I kind of factored the duets (plus one trio) into my rankings as well.  After all, they are performing in those numbers too and people are going to judge it.  In fact, let’s talk briefly about the duets right now, in order!  Come on, it will be fun!

Phillip and Elise:  apparently, this was Elise’s choice.  Great choice, Elise.  I love this Gotye song (and the whole album – check it out!) and thought it was perfect for these two.  Phillip seemed to feel he was not made for it, but I think he’s wrong.  Yes, it’s outside of his normal wheelhouse, but this was a pitch he could still put good wood on (more baseball metaphors – I’m fully into the new season).   I thought Phillip sang it really well. even better than the judges gave him credit for.  But this was clearly a showcase for Elise.  Her voice is so perfect for this kind of thing, with just the right amount of gravelly emotion and sexiness.

Colton and Skylar:  I don’t get the whole “are they having a romance” thing.  And I don’t care.  What I do care about, though, is that they keep making Colton sing country songs with Skylar.  Why not make Skylar sing a pop/rock song with Colton?  Anyway, Skylar was solid and Colton was perfectly adequate in this Kelly Clarkson/Jason Aldean song.  Let’s move on.

Hollie and Jessica and Joshua:  Okay, here is where I start to have trouble with the judges.  It seems perfectly clear that they have been given orders to pump up Jessica in an attempt to get her to the finals.  The judges hyped up this trio’s performance of Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” like it was the best performance of the entire night.  Huh?  I mean, yes – Joshua was terrific.  He dwarfed Jessica and Hollie both in stature and in talent.  But Hollie was just okay and Jessica was not on for most of this number.  Come on judges!  Quit trying to force Jessica down our throats!  If we want to vote for her we will.  And if we only think she is the fifth or sixth best contestant on the show this year, we’ll treat her accordingly.

Okay, here is how I ranked the individual performances this week.  It was tough.  I tried to be as honest with myself as possible.

1.  Joshua Ledet, “Runaway Baby” – This blew me away.  I have loved Joshua, but one of my fears has been whether he could be relevant today.  This erased that fear.  He took a Bruno Mars song, an artist who I think is crazy-mad talented, and completely made me believe it was his.  This guy was talented when the season started, but he has grown to incredible heights.  I can’t wait to see what he does next!

2.  Elise Testone, “You and I” – Great song for her to do.  There was so much easy, effortless talent on display here.  She is so great.  She forced the judges to take notice.  No room to criticize here.

3.  Colton Dixon, “Love The Way You Lie” – This was such a cool and beautifully understated interpretation of this song.  I like this Colton a lot.  I’m not sure what J-Lo meant when she wished for “more of a song”.  This was more than enough.  Great statement, Colton.

4.  Jessica Sanchez, “Stuttering” – Right in Jessica’s wheelhouse.  Nailed it.  On most weeks, this would have been a top two performance.  BUT – Jessica kind of bugs.  Partly because of the fact that she has become the judges pet.  And partly because, as my wife pointed out, “I think Jessica thinks very highly of Jessica”.  But I also think it’s because, as J-Lo was timidly trying to suggest,  that Jessica still remains void of genuine emotion at times.  She puts on a good act, but the real emotion is not there.

5.  Skylar Laine, “Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You” – I’m sure that’s not the correct title of the song.  I didn’t bother fact checking.  Kind of in a hurry here.  But it doesn’t matter because I didn’t know this Kellie Pickler song.  Now I just know it as a Skylar Laine song because she sounded awesome!  Then Steven said he was enamored by the girls in the competition, which sounded kind of creepy.  And then he said something about cocks and hens which sounded even more creepy.

6.  Phillip Phillips, “Give A Little More” – This hurts a little.  I thought Phillip did a great job on this, but on a night where everyone stepped up big, it was just sixth best.  The song is forgettable and he didn’t do anything to make me really remember it.  On a Phillip Phillips album, this would be nothing more than filler.

7.  Hollie Cavanagh, “Perfect” – I thought she was much better than the judges gave her credit for, but she was easily the seventh best performer tonight.  Time for Hollie to go.

Which is what I think is going to happen – Hollie will go home tonight.  She is the only contestant left who has no legitimate chance to win.  If anyone gets voted out, the judges will activate the save mechanism.

Okay – now I’m going to go watch the results show.  Then I’ll be back to finish things up.  This is fun, right?



Okay, I’m strangely torn by the way this played out.  I completely disagree with the bottom three.  All of them.  Hollie should have gone home, plain and simple.  And as much as I love Phillip, he should have been in the bottom three this week.


I have to admit that I liked seeing Jessica get the least amount of votes.  I don’t believe she is as AMAZING as the judges want me to think.  She is the fifth, maybe sixth best contestant on the show this season.  I approve of the judges use of the save.  But I also believe she should be going home in the next two or three weeks, shortly after Hollie.  And speaking of Hollie…

Huh?  How was she NOT in the bottom three?  That makes absolutely no sense.  Who is giving her pity votes?  Good god, people.   And why were Elise and Joshua standing alongside Jessica?  That isn’t right and it worries me that we are going to see Elise go home next week because the judges don’t want to turn on their hype machine for her.  They would rather hype up a no-personality teenager with a big but emotionless voice.

Okay, enough ranting.  Here is my Power Five, plus two.  Can we please turn this thing around next week?

1.  Joshua Ledet – He has earned it.  Keeps getting better each week.  NOT a bottom three performer.  Get your act together, America.

2.  Phillip Phillips – Despite a slightly off week, he remains a top talent this season.

3.  Elise Testone – NOT bottom two talent.  Sheesh.

4.  Colton Dixon – Great performance this week.  He elevated his game.  Quit trying to get the judges to stand up, Colton, and just be awesome.

5.  Skylar Laine – Okay.  I moved her up just to spite the judges unfair bias for Jessica.

6.  Jessica Sanchez – Okay.  I moved her out of number five because of the judges unfair bias for her.

7.  Hollie Cavanagh – If anyone else but her goes home next week, it is a joke.  Seriously.

Okay, I’m going to wrap this up.  It’s late and I’m going on vacation tomorrow.  That means I won’t be here next week to see who gets unfairly booted in place of Hollie.  I’ll rant about that during fianl-six week.  See you then!



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One Response to “American Idol – Top Seven week in review”

  1. I was wondering why you hadn’t posted and like you behind in viewing due to wedding of my youngest son.
    I have to say this is the first time I Really liked Joshua. Totally enjoyed his performance and hope he does more like this.
    Colten’s performance too was beautiful.
    It seems he wants to go towards heavy rocker
    But this song for him was perfect. His voice is sweet and sincer.
    Elise finally looks like she is having fun. I love her voice and she is a more natural talent.Althogh the duet with her and Phillip showcased her I really liked it .
    Phillip well I’m a fan. Don’t agree with judges
    And was shocked he was in bottom 3.
    Skyler sang beautifully too . I like her version better than Kelly pickler.
    Hollie , well I think she has a wonderful voice
    But agree with Jimmy. She’s kinda stiff
    and just isn’t pulling out all the stops.
    She needed to channel Pinks energy for
    Her performance.
    Jessica , I didn’t like the song. And the judges are shoving her down our throats. She does have a big voice and seems a bit more comfortable than Hollie .
    Was surprised at bottom 3
    But it’s getting harder. Hollie should have been out due to her lack-luster performance.

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