This week in Idol – The Uninspired 80’s

I’ve mentioned that I am in the middle of a butt-kicking season of life right now, which has meant I am not writing with the regularity I would like (that’s what happens when I am not getting paid to do this – it just happens from the overflow of love in my heart. You’re welcome).

However, I’m not altogether sure that part of the reason I didn’t write a synopsis of last night’s performances was that I just couldn’t figure out what to do with that disaster of a show.

Wow.  80’s night was not good.

Let me first make one thing clear – I love the music of the 80’s.  I grew up in that decade – middle school, high school, and most of college (the best seven years of my life) – and so am deeply endeared to that era musically.  I will not hesitate to defend that decade when someone tries to claim it was void of talent.  BUT – this week’s show did not help me out.

And it was so disappointing after last week, which was the best of the season so far.  Maybe they just mailed it in after giving so much last week. I don’t even know how to rank what I saw.  I think Joshua was number one, Skylar was two, maybe Colton was three, and then….I dunno.  It was a mess.  But one thing I feel very sure of is this…

Jessica Sanchez delivered the worst performance of the night.

Hold on, let me say that again.

Jessica Sanchez delivered the worst performance of the night.

I don’t know what the judges were watching on Wednesday night, but what I saw was painful.  First, the song choice was bad.  And by the way, Jessica; there are plenty of great songs for you to sing from the 80’s, contrary to what you stated on the results show.  You just failed in your choice of a Whitney Houston song (“How Will I Know”) that does not hold up well.  The fact that nobody chose this song on Whitney night should have been a clue.

Next, her usually powerful vocals sounded strained and shrieky and, at best, karaoke.  apparently, this is what happens when Jessica’s alter-ego, Bebe Chez, is set free.  Let’s keep Bebe in her cage from now on, okay Jess?  As soon as she mentioned this alter-ego, I got a bad feeling.  And bad was what followed.

But the judges gushed over her like she had just discovered singing.  Why?  Even Jimmy, who at least acknowledged that she wasn’t in the top three, suggested she delivered a strong performance.  Huh?!  Not only was her singing off, but she pranced around like she was in a high school musical.  I think it was Randy who complimented her for getting the nuances of the song.  Come on, dawg.  Tapping your hand to your chest when you sing “heart beat”, holding your thumb and pinkie up to your head like phone when you sing “I try to phone”, and putting the tips of your fingers on your chin while raising your shoulders when you sing “I’m too shy” is not understanding nuances.  It’s being cheesy.  And corny.  And extraordinarily obvious.  It’s void of nuance.  I’m not saying she should have gone home this week, as her cumulative work is too strong.  But she was weak last night.  WEAK.

And I noticed the same thing Jimmy did – Joshua is better than she is.  I don’t just mean last night, I mean period.  When they offered their duet, Joshua sang and performed circles around Jessica.  That was the moment that I knew I have had them in the wrong order of my weekly power five.  I won’t make that mistake again.

The judges were weird and inconsistent all night.  Yes, Elise was not great, but she was not nearly as bad as they made her seem.  And I don’t see how they could be so hard on Hollie while praising Jessica like they did (I suspect the producers are at play here).  I agreed with Jimmy that Deandre was ordinary and forgettable.  But what was all that gushing about by Dawg, J-Lo, and Galveston?  I think the judges wanted this show to be so good after last week’s stunner, they were just ready to heap praise on anyone with a pulse (unless their names were Hollie or Elise)

So, when it was all said and done, Deandre went home while Hollie and Elise joined her in the bottom three.  I still don’t think Elise should have been there, but I don’t have a problem with Deandre coming back to San Jose.  He has no chance of winning this year, and thus did not merit the save (sorry J-Lo).

So, as I try to get the taste of this show out of my mouth, Let’s put up this week’s Power Five ranking.

1.  Phillip Phillips – A miss of a week for Phillip, but he is still the most ready-to-ship package in the bunch.

2.  Joshua Ledet – I have been really impressed by this kid the past few weeks.  As Jimmy said, he is starting to get hot at the right time.

3.  Colton Dixon – I’ve realized something about Colton, and it’s kind of problem for me.  I don’t care for his voice.  He is absolutely talented and probably the second best total package this season, but I just personally don’t get moved by his voice.

4.  Elise Testone – She was not as bad as everyone wants to make her seem this week.  I firmly believe that.  And I still believe her upside puts her in the top five.

5.  Jessica Sanchez – I almost dropped her out of the top five after this week’s performance, but I’ll keep her around and see what she does next week.

Are Natalie and I the only one’s who saw Jessica this way?  Let me know!


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3 Responses to “This week in Idol – The Uninspired 80’s”

  1. Love your power ranking! I think the reason Elise is getting such a tough time is that she’s been wildly inconsistent over the live shows, which is a sign that she’s (probably) not good enough for this stage of the competition. Plus her song choices are terrible.

    And I totally agree about Colton. Just not connecting with that guy at all. Can’t pin it down, but I feel American Idol needs to have an “Adam Lambert type” in the mix now, and Colton’s nowhere near as formidable as Lambert!

    • Thanks for the comments, Gerard.

      It’s funny about Colton – I really want to love the guy but can’t seem to work up more than a strong like for the guy. And I agree that Elise has been inconsistent live, but I kind of think this format does not help her. I bet if we could see her in her natural element with a small band behind her just doing what she does it would be great. I kind of see her and Phillip as these two incredibly talented performers who have been somehow thrust into this Idol machine that doesn’t really suit them well. Whereas Colton (and certainly Adam Lambert previously) are talented AND willing to “play the game” for Idol. It’s a tricky balance. We’ll see what happens the next several weeks!

  2. I have never been that impressed with Jessica to begin with. She has a big voice for such a small girl…but that is it. I would never buy anything of hers…at least not what she is selling right now. However, I disagree about Colton. I feel his performance this week was great. Not a huge fan of that song to begin with, so maybe that is why I liked it…he made IT better. I was shocked as well at how badly the judges picked apart Elise. I think all contenstants should steer clear of Foreigner, Journey, Heart, etc. The songs just come off a bit cheesy and dated. We are so used to hearing the originals, that unless they change them dramatically, it just doesn’t sound right. I think that may have been the issue. I didn’t think she was pitchy as much as it just was a different sound. However, I did think Hollie pushed her vocal a bit much. Seemed like she was screaming at times. When you stated bad 80s week, I agreed in the sense of song choices. The song choices to be were basically where songs I thought were bad in the 80s, not good. Not really sure what they should have picked…just seemed like a whole lot of bubble gum to me. Without a question, Deandre was the worst of the night. Just time for him to go. He was actually starting to grow on me a bit, but, in my opinion, had no real shot of winning, and just didn’t see him doing anything really to change that. I think he has a chance to fill a niche in the music market and can do well…just doesn’t fit as an Idol winner.

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