A.I. Elimination – Heejun Hoisted

Yes, this is incredibly late. Let’s just say that life if full and kicking some butt. BUT – I need to do a quick review of last week’s elimination before we get to tonight’s new performances.

Cutting to the chase – I don’t get Nicky Minaj. She has a novelty voice and seems to be trying way to hard to be interesting, which I don’t find interesting. Musically, she is meh.  And I don’t think J-Lo was impressed either.  Next!

Scotty McCreery made his triumphant return by performing “Water Tower Town”, a song filled with so many tired country clichés I almost kicked my dog just for being close to me.  The song isn’t really about anything.  Just how livin’ in a water tower town means church on Sundays, wheels turnin’ slow, friday night football, drinkin’ sweet tea, partyin’ after dark, knowin’ who yer friends are, keepin’ yer word, drivin’ a truck, growin’ corn, knowin’ everybody’s mama, workin’ hard…I think that about covers it.  That’s the song.  I dare you to tell me I left out an important detail that takes the song to a deeper level.  And, I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that song before about a bazillion times.  Still, Scotty’s got performance chops and he’s touring with Brad Paisley, which is good because he might be able to get Brad to write a couple of songs for him that show some imagination.  NEXT!

So, Heejun got sent home.  I thought he might have bought himself one more week, but it’s a justified exit.  He had played himself out of the competition over the previous two or three weeks and actually survived longer than I thought he would.

Hollie and Skylar joined him in the bottom three.  I get Hollie, but I didn’t think Skylar deserved this distinction yet.  I still believe Deandre should have taken her spot.

So, here is the updated Power Five!

1.  Phillip Phillips – Just.  So.  Good.  And he’s consistent.  And he knows who he is.  And Stevie Nicks was starry-eyed around him.  He will be a star.

2.  Elise Testone – Oh, she is turning it ON!  I was reminded that Haley also performed Led Zeppelin last year.  And, as I suggested in last week’s review, it was forgettable compared to Elise (I forgot about it, anyway.  But I’ve tried to forget about most things involving Haley).  This woman has found her confidence and is rising!

3.  Colton Dixon – I dropped him down this week because he just seems to be inconsistent to me.  I did not think the Lifehouse song was a good one for him, or at least he didn’t deliver it well.  Either way, he needs to get it together.

4.  Jessica Sanchez – Like Phillip, she is just so consistent.  Unlike Phillip, she is not nearly as polished performance-wise.  If she gets that figured out, she could be a force.  I almost moved her ahead of Colton this week.  Almost.

5.  Joshua Ladet – I almost put him at four this week.  I need to see a couple of great performances in a row I think before I can move him up.  But he’s close.

One thing seems clear to me…this is my top five.  They have stayed there in mostly the same order for the past three weeks.  If one of them gets voted out in the next couple of weeks, get ready to activate the save mechanism, judges.  That would be Galveston, right Steven?

East Coast!  This week’s show has already started!  See you all later tonight!


~ by themattmorrisshow on April 4, 2012.

One Response to “A.I. Elimination – Heejun Hoisted”

  1. Great review, Matt. I totally with your top 3. Joshua just sort of bores me though. I know he’s got a good voice, but he doesn’t do much for me. I liked Heejun a lot and was sad to see him go. Mainly his story and his sense of humor were what I liked. He could sing ok, but didn’t see him going to the end.

    I thought Phil Phillips and Elise were great.

    Once again, excellent review of AI!

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