A.I. Elimination night – EVP: Exiting Very Prematurely

So far this year, elimination nights have rolled along fairly predictably. Even the unexpected ousting of Jermaine Jones as a result of chronic law breaking was met with a “well, he wasn’t going to be around long” attitude.

This week, we said goodbye to Erika Van Pelt, just two days after Tommy Hilfiger radically changed her appearance. Maybe America just didn’t recognize her?

Clearly, Heejun and Deandre delivered the weakest performances this week. And Heejun has now delivered THE worst performance two weeks in a row. But, my instincts were correct in anticipating his safe return. Despite his awful showing last week, he failed to make the bottom three. He is getting some sympathy votes somewhere (and is also the current poster child on votefortheworst.com). But while I anticipated Heejun’s undeserving stay of execution, I did not see EVP’s early exit coming.

The producers, er, judges are given one opportunity to “activate the save”, as Ryan overstated tonight (is there some button or lever that they use to activate the save mechanism?).  They are allowed to use it up until the final five contestants are left.  So, logic would suggest that you don’t use the save unless someone you believe should be in the top five gets prematurely ousted.

While her exit came too early, Erika Van Pelt is NOT a top five contestant this year.  The save mechanism will not be activated.

Elsewhere tonight, we were treated to the beautiful and haunting “Video Games” by Lana Del Rey, who I believe gets WAY too much undeserved and often misplaced criticism.  We were also treated to the debut single (which apparently involves something about humans being trapped in giant bird cages, like a weird re-working of the Planet of the Apes story) from 2011 contestant Haley Reinhart.  It’s safe to say that I was not a fan of Haley’s last year.   But, truth be told, her song tonight wasn’t awful.  It even had interesting moments.  I just couldn’t figure out how she never fell over with her big big big big big hair all shifted to one side like it was.  And thank God she was able to escape from the mutant bird people.

Okay, let’s wrap things up with my updated Power Five rankings.  It’s getting a pretty dramatic shakeup following this week’s performances.  If one of these five gets voted out, I am busting the glass and activating the save mechanism.

1.  Phillip Phillips – He remains at the top of my list, where he has sat the entire season.  I feared that I might be getting bored with him, then he delivered some “wow” to me this week.  Well done, fashionably defiant one.

2.  Colton Dixon – I jumped him all the way to number two because he has been solid all year, and this week finally delivered the “wow” I knew he was capable of .  I expect him to continue shining.

3.  Elise Testone – I recognize that her slow start this season hurt her.  But she has been great the past two weeks (she absolutely did NOT deserve to be in the bottom three last week) and delivered the stand-out moment of Billy Joel night.  This is what I saw in her during the practice rounds and I am hopeful that her greatness is now here to stay.  More than just a great voice, Elise just feels like a true talent who knows who she is.  That will win me every time.

4.  Jessica Sanchez – The great voice was back this week, but I’m worried that her “greatness” is starting to become a little one-dimensional.  But it is a great dimension.

5.  Joshua Ladet – He was off this week, but that voice is still so strong and impressive.  I rank him BARELY ahead of Skylar Laine right now.  In truth, I think I would only use the save on the top four of this list.  THAT is the group that I believe is good enough to win this thing.  I want to include Joshua in that group, but I just feel like something isn’t quite there yet.

So that’s it till next week!  Who is on your “must save” list?


~ by themattmorrisshow on March 22, 2012.

One Response to “A.I. Elimination night – EVP: Exiting Very Prematurely”

  1. America got it wrong!! This is the part I truly
    Hate about this show.
    You could tell the judges wanted to save her
    But with this kind of voting going on they must
    Wait .
    Heejun , well he’s so funny and entertaining , and with more practice he might do better
    But he and deandre were the bottom pick for

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