American Idol – Fare thee well, Shannon

Well, my prediction that nobody would be released this week was wrong. Shannon Magrane and the shadow she cast over Seacrest have been sent home.

But something still bothers me; by dismissing two contestants this week (including the disqualification of Jermaine Jones), the series has been put on a trajectory to finish one week early this season. There is NO WAY, with all of the logistical planning necessary for a production like this, that they can simply scoot everything up one week. AND, there is NO WAY that the show is going to just simply give up an extra week of paid sponsorships because of a contestant technicality. SO – they either need to figure out a way to stretch an extra week somewhere, or…THIS ENTIRE JERMAINE JONES DRAMA WAS STAGED FROM THE BEGINNING!!!

Okay, I’m really not jaded enough to jump into that kind of conspiracy mongering. But it does make me wonder how they are going to account for the extra week. Maybe, when the judges finally use their save, they will only cut one contestant the following week instead of two, like in previous seasons. Who knows. But two things are certainly clear. One, I think about this stuff too much. And two, our top ten is set! Buy your tickets now for the summer tour!

Alright, back to last night’s elimination show.  I have no problem with Shannon’s dismissal.  She has been consistently underwhelming since they started singing for real.  She had the second worst performance on Wednesday and was WAY overhyped by the judges.  America saw it more clearly.  She deserved to be on the chopping block.

What concerns me about last night (please note:  All mention of “concern” related to A.I. should be taken with tongue firmly planted in cheek) is the way the final three played out.  I’m good with Shannon leaving, and I’m okay with EVP having to grab a stool.  But Elise?  Come on!  I know she kind of stumbled through Whitney week, but she was not anywhere close to stool-worthy this week.  The judges clearly went into intervention mode, singing her praises wildly before Ryan announced she was safe.  And it’s a good thing they did.  When Ryan first told her she would be in the bottom three again, you could visibly see her spirits sink through the floor, as if she was wondering “What do I need to do?”  I’ve questioned Elise’s confidence from the start, and this is not going to help.

There were easily five performances worse than Elise’s last night.   Shannon and EVP have been noted.  Jessica delivered poorly last night, but there is no way she is going to be sweating stool time any week soon.  Deandre was questionable yet passable.

What I really want to know is; how did Heejun escape the hot seat?  Yes, he’s loveable.  But he is a mediocre musical talent at best.  And Wednesday night’s performance of “Right Here Waiting” actually made me long for Richard Marx.  It was easily the worst performance of the night.  But somehow he escaped the bottom three.  This guy is getting votes he doesn’t deserve, and that could be a problem for someone soon.

Daughtry continues to sound like Daughtry, Demi Lovato made me realize that I would not have been able to pick her out of a police line-up before last night (and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to right now), and there was no group song!  I guess the sudden dismissal of repeat stair-faller, Jermaine Jones, made it too hard to pull off.  So, with all of that having been said, it’s time to update my A.I. Power Rankings!

Based on overall performances so far, here is my top five ranking:

1.  Phillip Phillips – Dude played hurt this week and was still great.  He remains the only ready-to-ship, complete package.

2.  Hollie Cavanagh – She moves up on the strength of back-to-back stellar performances and Jessica’s stumble.  Consistency will get you everywhere.

3.  Skylar Laine – I’m not convinced she will end up in the top three, but after three weeks of live shows, she has been consistently solid.

4.  Jessica Sanchez – This week was really forgettable, which is why I dropped her.  She’s clearly got top two pipes, but the performance has got to back it up to win.

5.  Joshua Ledet – Josh cracks the top five after owning Percy Sledge’s classic song, and getting Percy’s blessing in the process.

Colton Dixon slips out of the power five this week, though I anticipate he will return soon.  I believe he and Phillip are the two most talented people in this competition, but Colton has not yet delivered a “take notice” kind of performance.  I sense it will happen soon.  And I hope so.  Stop covering White Lion, dude.


~ by themattmorrisshow on March 16, 2012.

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