American Idol – Jer-bear Gets Released Back Into the Wild

I got a little swallowed up by life this week, so this is coming a little late. I finally saw the results show this morning, and things went about as I suspected. I suggested Shannon should go home, but there was no way that the producers were going to allow Mama-bear J-Lo to choose her beloved cub over the potential talent of Elise.

I was a little shocked to see Josh in the bottom three for the guys, but that was about the only thing that approached surprise for me on this show. Well, actually, there was one more surprise…

The group song was actually pretty good tonight!

(I’m pausing here to consider the gravity of the words I just wrote)

I can’t remember the last time I watched the bad musical theatre presentation on the results show and came away thinking “Hmm, not bad”. Now, it was likely due to the fact that they were performing one of the greatest songs in the history of history, Stevie Wonder’s “As”. But they still had to sing it well, and they did.  Nice job, kids.

(I am pausing here to consider the gravity of me referring to the Idol contestants as “kids”)

Otherwise, Lauren Alaina showed she has developed some performance chops in the last year, Mary J was Mary J, and Ryan did his best to try to fool us about who was safe and who was in the bottom three. And, based on how he was dressed, Randy appears to be graduating with honors. Well done, Mr. Jackson.

So, as we move forward, I will now weekly present my post results “Power Five”.  These are, as I see it, the top five contestants in the competition right now.  Let’s dim the lights…

1.  Phillip Phillips – I know most people are slotting Jessica Sanchez here, but I just think Phillip is well-defined as a complete package and ready to roll RIGHT NOW.

2.  Jessica Sanchez – Best voice in the competition right now.  She might as well be 1A.

3.  Hollie Cavanagh – I’m not confident about slotting her this high, but she clearly has an incredible voice.  I’m worried that she is one-dimensional and will be exposed as such.

4.  Skylar Laine – She has won me with two performances.  I actually think my heart puts her above of Hollie.  But, like Hollie, let’s give her some time.

5.  Colton Dixon – I like Colton a lot, and actually think he could climb quickly up this rank, but I’m waiting for him to truly WOW me.

That’s it for this week!  Let me know what you think.



~ by themattmorrisshow on March 10, 2012.

One Response to “American Idol – Jer-bear Gets Released Back Into the Wild”

  1. I agree with your top 5 . But you can never tell
    Who will really mess up or WOW you.

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