It Actually Wasn’t 5 O’clock in the Morning, but…

…it was a great moment.

Recently, while building some shelves for our bedroom (I know that sounded really manly, but they were actually Ikea shelves. Just being transparent), my wife was in charge of playing DJ for the afternoon. Her mix was a largely urban flavored pop blend; Rhianna, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake…music to keep us movin’ (and, just maybe, groovin’). Then, the gentle sounds of Lily Allen’s voice began singing “It’s 5 O’clock in the morning. The conversation got boring.” I knew I had heard this song, though I really didn’t know it well. I waited for T-Pain’s painfully objectified perspective of his woman to begin, rapping about how she’s horny and mad while he’s out clubbing and getting delayed by them females.  Yawn.

But, to my quite overwhelmingly pleasant surprise…it didn’t come!

Instead, Allen continued singing sweetly about the gentle birthing of a new romance, pulling me deeply into this simple tale of “watching telly and drinking wine.” The first kiss, the endearing moment he first calls her “baby”…this was pure delight! And the simple, captivating melody of the tune filled me with joy.  It was like being floated on a cloud.  I found it so wonderful, I actually hated the T-Pain version even more!

I’m aware of Allen and have heard, and even own, some of her music.  But I’ve never purchased or listened to an entire album.  As such, I had missed this gem of a song, “Who’d Have Known”,  from her 2009 release.

So, thrilled over my new discovery, I spent the next few days listening to this song a lot.  When I couldn’t listen to it, I was singing it.  I sang it so much, my boys started singing it – and I’m not even sure they had heard the actual song yet.  It was one of those magical moments when hearing a song for the first time actually feels a little like you are hearing music for the first time.  It’s weird how you can’t predict which songs will induce that feeling, or when it will happen.  Under a different circumstance, I may not have even reacted to it.  In these circumstances, it was as if it were meant specifically for me.

But the greatest moment came when I was driving to work a couple of days after first hearing this song.  I was headed in late because of some unexpected confusion surrounding getting the kids to school.  I was missing a meeting and feeling a little frustrated.  Additionally, I had been dealing with some peripheral drama around my life, and I was just tired.  Once all the kids were dropped off and I was finally headed in the direction of the office, I decided to listen to my new-found infatuation, ideally to check out.

As Lily began singing her lovely song, something caught my eye on the right side of the street.  There is a long row of cherry blossom trees lined up in front of a school I pass each day.  I had recently noticed that they were starting to bloom.  But on this day, full bloom was in effect, and it was extraordinary.  I’ve seen these trees in years past, but I had never experienced them like I was that day.  The pinks and reds and whites and all shades in between were like colors I never knew existed before.  Though I didn’t reduce my speed, it felt like I was driving by in slow motion.  And all the while, Lily Allen’s simply beautiful song provided a heavenly soundtrack to my heavenly snapshot.  The two elements blended seamlessly into one another, creating a singular moment of experiential spirituality, an awareness that God was present right then and there.  That moment elevated me, and I was out of my frustration.  I don’t know why it happened.  I turned the song on to tune out, but it actually caused me to tune in.

There’s no reason for that song to have met me in that place like it did.  I could have easily missed it.  I’m grateful I didn’t.  I’m blessed for the experience.  Who’d have known?

Listen here to Lily Allen’s “Who’d Have Known”


~ by themattmorrisshow on March 2, 2012.

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