American Idol’s Top 13 – Well done, America!

Let me start by saying this – I am not quitting the show.

In yesterday’s post, I listed Reed Grimm in the category of “I Quit if they don’t make it”.  I actually wavered regarding whether I wanted to include him in that.  Then, after I posted, I actually rethought and felt he should have been moved into the “Should make it but I won’t lose sleep if they don’t” category.

I’m looking forward to sleeping well tonight.

The truth is, America did great job picking the top ten.  I still think Grimm should be in the top 13.  But I also came away from tonight’s show feeling like, despite his talent, He would have permanently annoyed me within a week or two.  Is there a “tone it down a little” class he can enroll in?

The second thing I’d like to say is that Jimmy Iovine and I are kindred spirits.  We saw eye to eye on almost every contestant.  I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before he asks me to join the judging panel.  And I will dispense with the formalities by accepting the invitation in advance.  You’re welcome, America.

Thank God Jimmy gives his opinion each week.  He’s the only guy giving an opinion that I trust.  It’s too bad he doesn’t speak until after America has voted.  When I start on the show, I am going to lobby hard to get him on the judging panel.  We can sit on either side of J-Lo.  That would be solid.

Getting back to the results, I actually think that America did a pretty good job picking the top ten.  The only two obvious misses for me were Deandre and Reed, and the judges corrected one of those mistakes with the wild-card, while caving to an avalanche of Jer-bear sentimentality and missing on the other.  I wouldn’t have included Jermaine Jones, but I can live with him.  With the right songs, his voice really does sound amazing (I still love the Righteous Bros. song he did with the self gratifying cowboy during Hollywood week).  The other wild-card went to Erika Van Pelt, who van belted out Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory” to win judge and audience approval.  I actually like her inclusion, though I would have liked to hear Hallie Day have another chance over the completely awful Brielle Von Hugel.  But I will sleep well tonight.

So, I will now present the final 13 in order of my personal preference.  Let’s dim the lights…

1.  Phillip Phillips – Jimmy Iovine and I would sign this guy to a record deal right now.  I would also sign Andrew Andrews, Edward Edwards, and Matthew Matthews.

2.  Colton Dixon – Jimmy and I think this guy has a ton of talent and could win this thing.  His sister is welcome to sing backup on the album we produce for him.

3.  Elise Testone – I really dig this chick’s smokey voice.  She kind of seems overwhelmed by the whole thing, but I like how she shines through that.  And Jimmy and I think her hat was awesome.

4.  Joshua Ledet – Jimmy and I think he was a little over-the-top, but his pipes put me on my feet.  Looking forward to seeing him sing from a variety of genres to see what he can do with it.

5.  Skylar Laine – Based solely on her performance this week.  Jimmy and I were really surprised, in a GREAT way, by what she brought.  Keep bringin’ it, Skylar!

6.  Jessica Sanchez – Jimmy and I have varying degrees of enthusiasm about Jessica.  He was ready to sign her TODAY!  But I talked him into waiting a few weeks just to make sure.  We’re tight like that.

7.  Hollie Cavanagh – I would put her through just by listening to her talk, but Jimmy reminded me that she actually has an amazing singing voice, too.  True dat, Jimmy.  True dat.

8.  DeAndre Brackensick – America goofed by leaving him out, but the judges wisely corrected this.  I’m just glad that San Jose is represented by someone who can actually sing.  Jimmy thinks he needs additional coaching.  SCREW YOU, Jimmy!  Whoa, sorry man.  I don’t know where that came from.  Maybe he could benefit from a little coaching.  We’re cool, right?

9.  Shannon Magrane – Hey Jimmy, remember that prom dress Shannon wore for her performance, and that crazy cheesy song she sang? HAHAHAHA….oh, man!  Good times.  I’m so glad we worked things out.  But hey, she can sure sing, can’t she?  Get her some better songs and she could rise up.  Alright, Jimmy, why don’t you get going while I finish up the rankings.  Thanks for coming by.

10.  Erika Van Pelt – I like this wild-card pick’s big husky voice.  She could end up sticking around for a while.

11.  HeeJun Han – America’s Comedian will provide some great comic relief while he is on the show.  I actually like his voice and think he deserves his spot in the top 13.

12.  Jeremy Rosado – I completely disagreed with this wild-card selection.  I don’t even think I would have asked him to sing again, especially after that blubber-fest he treated us to.  Toughen up, Jer-bear!  We all knew J-Lo would call you name.  I’m not even sure she was supposed to.

13.  Jermaine Jones – The man with the big voice who wasn’t originally invited to the top 24 got America’s vote into the top ten.  Okay.  But I just can’t imagine him sticking around for too long.  We’ll see.

So that’s it!  Our top 13 is in place.  Next week, the boys will be doing the songs of Stevie Wonder while the girls will pay tribute to the recently late Whitney Houston.  I actually think this works in favor of the guys, but we’ll see!  Let me know what you think of the top 13.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go sleep well.  Good night, Jimmy.  Love you.  What…too much?  Sorry, friend.


~ by themattmorrisshow on March 2, 2012.

3 Responses to “American Idol’s Top 13 – Well done, America!”

  1. Hey, Matt! I think I agree with you on every one of these! You da man!

  2. Cant wait to see what you thought about tonight’s show?

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