24 hours later – Some random thoughts about the Superowl…

In no particular order, here are some random thoughts about yesterday’s Superbowl experience:

  • A little slow at times, but I’ll take a close game that comes down the final play every year.
  • Even though they lost two weeks ago, I’m pretty sure the 49ers or Ravens would have beaten either one of those two performances yesterday.
  • You can make that bottle look as pretty as you want, but it still tastes like piss-water.
  • Did Led Zeppelin score the soundtrack for John Carter?
  • My favorite guest appearance during Madonna’s halftime set was Richard Simmons bouncing on that balancing wire.
  • Speaking of Madonna, did Avril Lavigne write her new song for her?
  • Speaking of Avril Lavigne, how many performers are still available before we are left with the Avril Lavigne halftime show?  Is it to late to bring back Up With People?
  • So the Giants have won two Superbowls in five years.  Yet, I still have a hard time considering them an elite team.  Is it just me?  They were 9-7, for crying out loud!!!  Yet again, they clearly seem better than the Patriots.  So what does all this mean?  Pete Roselle’s parity dream is thriving.
  • Not gonna lie…I kinda like that Eli has two rings and Peyton only has one.  Maybe it’s the little brother in me coming out.
  • Speaking of Madonna – LMFAO was the most energetic part of her set.  Just sayin’.
  • Everyone seems up-in-arms about MIA’s Superbowl bird (which sounds like some mythological creature that only appears once a year to grace us with its presence).  Really?  Shouldn’t we be asking “why was MIA so reserved last night?  And what did the NFL think they were getting when they confirmed her?”
  • Huh, huh.  He said “Woodhead”.
  • It’s halftime in America.  Is Springsteen playing that gig?
  • I don’t even care that it was for a Honda commercial.  I loved seeing Matthew Broderick play, basically, a grown up version of Ferris Bueller.
  • Mario Manningham is to Superbowl XLVI as David Tyree is to Superbowl XLII.  But Tyree’s was a better catch.  Yesterday, Manningham was the recipient of one of the greatest clutch throws in Superbowl history.
  • I wonder what Peyton Manning would look like in a 49er uniform?
  • Dear Go.Daddy: I get it.  You sell sex.  You can stop now.
  • Dear most advertisers yesterday: I get it.  Men like girls in bikinis.  But that’s not creative and I can’t remember one advertiser who used bikini’s except for Go.Daddy because they have beat me over the head with sex for years and I’m not going to use their service anyway.  Stop being lazy.  Be memorable.  Be great.  And stop insulting me.  Unless you are a bikini manufacturer.  I suppose then you would have to show girls in bikinis.
  • Dear men who think I should turn in my man card because I just banged on advertisers for using bikinis to sell their product:  Turn in your 13-year-old boy card and evolve a little.
  • Huh, huh.  He said “banged”.  Okay, I’ll turn in my 13 year-old card now.
  • Kelly Clarkson nailed the national anthem.
  • Eli Manning as MVP?  Kind of feels like a default pick.  Maybe they should just send him to Legoland.
  • I loved the Samsung Galaxy Note commercial.  But I’m still not buying one.
  • Yes, Welker probably makes that catch 8 or 9 times out of ten.  But that drop was on Brady’s throw.  The dude was WIDE open.
  • Some final thoughts on Madonna – Am I asking too much for singers to actually sing when they are live?  My biggest problem with that halftime show was that if felt like I watched a relatively entertaining, extended length music video.  But when it was over, I had no emotion about it.  None of it felt “live” to me.  At best, I felt like Madonna was trying really hard to show she could still bring it like she could fifteen or twenty years ago.  Only she can’t.  And that’s okay!  I would rather have heard her sing and invest some emotion into the performance.  Let me hear you voice crack a little because you are lost in your music.  Let me know what you thought of the halftime show.
  • Let’s go Niners!!!  Training camp is just five months away!!!!!!

~ by themattmorrisshow on February 6, 2012.

One Response to “24 hours later – Some random thoughts about the Superowl…”

  1. Well said my friend, well said!!

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