Welcome to The Meeting!

It’s time.

Welcome to my blog. Yes, I have started a blog. I decided to get in on this concept before the medium gets over saturated and my voice becomes drowned out by millions of other bloggers. Because what’s important here is that I am heard.

I’ve been told a lot over the years that I should start a blog. Mostly by my friend Camille, but there have been others, too. The ego in me always thought this was an excellent idea. “Who else would be better at blathering on in a self-serving manner about popular music than me?” my ego noted. After all, I was tired of having to explain to people how I had observed the greatness of (insert recently hip breakthrough band here) long before most of the world did, only to have the object of my defensiveness look down on me and say “Oh really? Where is your blog post that confirms this”?

Okay, these conversations may have actually taken place in my head. And truthfully, I’m not as interested in “being heard” as I am in simply communicating what I’m thinking and feeling for anyone who is interested to check out. Or not. At this point, it’s as much for me as you.

I guess that’s the reason why I’m comfortable doing this blog now. I may have previously felt that my blog had to be fully about something. It had to speak to a specific audience, and I had to identify that audience. Maybe I felt a pressure to make this blog mean something on a scale bigger than what it is. I don’t feel that anymore. I know there are a million other similar blogs. I’m not trying to compete. I’m just putting myself out there and hopefully 10 to 15 people will find what I say to be interesting.

So, what is this blog about?

This is the Alternafolk, Surfsoul, Rock and Roll Revival Meeting. But let’s just call it The Meeting. If I were handed the keys to a radio station (preferably near the coast) and was told “go ahead, program whatever you want”, this would be the name of the format. And it would be great.

I love music. I have always loved it since I can remember standing on the kitchen table in my underwear at age four or five and singing every word of “American Pie” (which I still consider to be my favorite song). I get lost in music. It takes me to emotional places I didn’t even know existed inside myself. Music doesn’t make sense, yet it is absolutely essential. Songs have become fixedly linked to life moments, enhancing the memory of that moment like a scene in a movie. Childhood family picnics at Vasona Park will always be remembered with Carpenter’s songs in the background, probably because there was ONE occasion where I remember hearing “Yesterday Once More” on a fellow picnicker’s boom box. Other musical memories are more specific, like my first kiss. It was at a Halloween Party. I was dressed as a millionaire playboy. I think she was a magician’s assistant. The song was “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight” by The Cars (how’s that for a John Hughes movie moment?).

My point is this – I know I’m not alone. All of us, in ways big and small, are impacted by music. So, with this blog, my hope is to share some of the music I like, tell some stories about how music has entrenched itself into my soul, offer some reviews and opinions, and find a few kindred spirits along the way. At times, blog topics are likely to stray more into life, faith and culture. I may even let my family jump in to sound off from time to time (you’d be better off hearing from my wife on most occasions anyway). But whatever happens, the center topic of The Meeting will be music. And hopefully, you’ll read about a band or artist or album you haven’t heard yet and be inspired to check it out. If that’s all that gets accomplished here, I’d feel like I did my job.

That’s enough of an introduction for now. I’ve been listening to the new Tom Waits album tonight, as well as the She and Him Christmas album. It’s an off-putting balance and I’ve got a lot going through my mind. Need to let it soak in.

Welcome to The Meeting. Thanks for stopping by.


~ by themattmorrisshow on October 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “Welcome to The Meeting!”

  1. I like it Matt! Blogs are a great medium to say more than you can on Facebook or Twitter, Google + etc….I’ve been blogging off and on since 2004 or so…mostly anonymously and most with sporadic regularity.

    I think you have a lot worth saying about music and other things. I know I will check in on what you have to say. I hope you’re doing well in life beyond Music, Matt. I guess I squeaked by you with a .5 win this past week….has been my least involved FF season to date as the rest of life seems to be overflowing at the seams.

    I look forward to seeing your blog form and evolve.

  2. I love you baby brother. You are one of a kind. The good kind. When ever I here “M Cherie Amour” or “Lay Lady Lay” I am transported back to the summer of 1969 swimming in Kim’s back yard in San Diego.

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